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13:14 < dizzy_p> <-- haha, les det som står om Vist Starters edition
13:14 < dizzy_p> First up, there's Starter Edition, which like XP Starter Edition, is a crippled (and lame) product aimed at
                the two-thirds world. It will limit users to three concurrent applications, and provide only basic TCP/IP
                networking, and won't be suitable for most games.
13:14 < dizzy_p> 3 concurrent apps?
13:14 < dizzy_p> wtf
13:14 < dizzy_p> Det er vel litt i overkant
13:14 < dizzy_p> calc.exe, notepad.exe og write.exe
13:15 <@_neon_> har ikke windows alltid vaert slik?