sitat fra / efnet:

17:50:43 <@Sesse> In Explorer 6 Windows, Microsoft implemented one extra rule:
                 if a doctype that triggers strict mode is preceded by an xml
                 prolog, the page shows in quirks mode. This was done to allow
                 web developers to achieve valid pages (which require a
                 doctype) but nonetheless stay in quirks mode.
17:50:48 <@Sesse> wtf?
17:50:56 <@Sesse> HVOR SKADET KAN DU BLI, DA
17:51:02 < Tick> hahaha
17:51:19 < dpryo> hihi
17:51:42 <@Sesse> det sitter sikkert noen i redmond og tar lsd mens de finner
                 på nye features i IE